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We are so kind-hearted, we wish so well for others.

We are experts on other people's lives, while we don't have our own life firmly in our hands.

I'm starting my own business.

Being self-employed.

It's something completely new to me.

There are people who admire me, give me respect and wish me well.

And there are people who question it.

"Can you live from that?"

"Such prizes? Nobody's going to give you that."

Then there are those who start giving me lots of advice, even though I haven't asked for any. "Try what you did before, send an email there and there, call there and there.... it doesn't work like this, it works like this..."

I try to listen and be polite, but I can feel the inner pressure growing inside me. My signals to end the conversation are ignored, I'm not assertive enough. I feel like a cornered animal. Rage builds up inside me and I can barely control myself from exploding.

Who are you to know the recipe for other people's lives? Can you stop the flow of words for a moment and just listen to the other person? Can you just think for a second and wonder if the other person was even asking you for help?

Maybe you think you "just mean it well" to the other person, but in reality you are taking away his authority.

Yes, we all need support. When we start something new, we have a tremendous amount of insecurity inside of us. We are looking for our own paths and related people we can trust. We try and we make mistakes. And we also learn to set boundaries and say NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

When you really care about the other person and want to help them, a simple question is enough: "do you need a help?"

Thats the reason why I do COACHING.

Coach does not give advice.

Coach does not give recipes for free.

Coach is listening to you.

Asks questions. Supports.

Accompanies. Creates space.

Connection through heart.

Let you find your own solution.



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