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My Mission 

Love, happiness and freedom are the

real values of mine.

Living my truth, my creativity, be in the flow. Breathing. Searching unity. Sharing.

I see you through me, I see me through you. Explore your creative potential.

About me


To know who I am, this is the question and everybody of us would like to know the answer.

That is why the essence of who am I can be described in few words as well as hundreds of pages.

I am the human being living on Mother Earth, I am the citizen of world, the cosmopolitan who travelled to many countries and lived in some of them. I met many people, I lived many lives. I was a slave of a system and I set myself free.

I am a woman. Passionate and courageous and matured like a fruit.

I am a story teller and a listener.

I am creator, painter, photographer, I like to capture the moment.

I am explorer and traveler.

I am the move and live in a constant flow. I am the yoga student and yoga teacher.

I am part of my family and I thank them for who I am and where I am.

I love life and colors, tastes and smells, I love diversity, move, activity. I love nature, mountains, sea and sun.

I’m shining like the sun and sometimes I’m dark like a starless night, or double espresso. The drink that gives me the wings and inspiration, and is as strong as I am.

My inner strength is something that can define me and helped me through many difficult periods in my life. Never give up, whatever happens. Don’t be afraid of emotions, they come and go, like the waves in the sea. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m angry. Like every other of you.

I love life and I decided to live my life in the truth, authenticity and freedom.

That is why this home page has been created and will be created.

I am who I am and I have been hiding my talents from the world. Now I feel it’s time to go out from my shell and share.

With love, with fire that is burning inside me.


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