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My values


express yourself in your true essence, discover your creative potential


patiently in a right path and timing, with respect to your body, your experiences


be kind to yourself and people around you

About me


I am Beata.

Born and raised in Slovakia.

Lived and worked internationally.

Studied business administration in my home town and got my first job there.

I could have stayed there like many others, but I wanted to see the world. As soon as possible, I packed my suitcase and left.


One year in Germany and a new world opened up for me. A world full of freedom, but also a first responsibility for myself. After that time, I returned back home because I wanted to use my potential.


Found a job in an international company. It was my dream to work in the multicultural environment und it came through. Started to work as a controller. The work was interesting and various, but the endless sitting was painful.


I grew my career without really planning it. I just always was responsible and worked a lot. Within that company I had the opportunity to travel and work in different countries. It was an adventurous journey. A couple of years in France, then Russia and finally Vienna in Austria. I learned foreign languages and other cultures.


The years went by very quickly. In my professional life I was successful, but always busy and under the constant stress. In my private life I suffered. I put far too much energy into my work.

Enough is enough.


After 19 years, I left my job. It felt like a big stone fell off my shoulders.

All of a sudden, I felt free.

I wanted to try something else. Yoga was in the scope of my interest and I educated myself there. I became a certified yoga teacher and teach since already 4 years. I simply love it. From sitting controller to moving yoga teacher. Yoga gets you in balance with yourself. To move makes so much sense to me and dancing is my passion too.

Later I continued to study coaching and I became a certified Life coach. The depths of human soul have always fascinated me and to have pleasure to guide people through their challenges is extremely rewarding.

I love my freedom and independence. To be able to create my world. I found a meaningful job and I’m still growing on that way. Bought a house on a sea side and love my lifestyle. I could have never imagined, that the dreams come true. But it is possible. Just believe deep in your heart and do small steps towards this direction.

If you allow me, I can be a guide on your way.


My education and certification:


  • Yoga Teacher Training, RYT 200, Ananya Studio, Vienna

  • Pranayama Teacher Training, Ananya Studio, Vienna

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Sarah Scharf, Vienna

  • Intuitive Dancing Teacher Training, Marcela Berith, Czech Republic

  • Life Coaching, CoachingYou® Institute, Vienna

  • Relationship- Family- Sexual- Coaching, CoachingYou® Institute, Vienna

  • Practical training St. Elisabeth Stiftung, Vienna

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