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Life changes, new beginnings

Self-love, Self-worth

Relationships, intimacy

Stress and burnout prevention

I am Coach in Supervision

I was working many years in finances, so why have I chosen to go this way?

Human psychology was something that has always fascinated me. To be able to understand why things happen exactly like they happen and to know how to influence it.

During the years, I have visited many workshops, seminars and was guided by many teachers. Yoga gave me a first good frame and then the study of Life coaching.


The education to Life coach takes 2,5 years in Austria and it makes sense. The study gave me not only theoretical knowledge, but also a lot of self-reflexions. Who am I, how do I react in different situations. I could learn and understand, why some difficult things happened to me in life and I learned to accept them.

My education, my experiences, intuition and common sense – this is what I use in my coaching practice. As from the tools, I am asking questions, listening and use mental techniques. Coach guides you in such a way, that you can find the answers inside yourself.

As I have the experience from working and living in an international environment, I can very well understand people, who are in similar situation. Challenges in working field, career changes, life changes – I can guide you there. How to be happier, how to live a balanced life. I can also very well understand challenges in relationships and I learned how to communicate effectively and how to set healthy boundaries.


Live to my full potential, experience life in diversity, be true to myself and live an authentic life, is very important to me and this I want to transfer to my clients too.

In Coaching, trust and discretion is a priority number one.

Whatever said or happened in the counselling session, stays there.


Coach is like a guide in a travel agency. You chose your destination and I accompany you on your journey.


My education and experiences in this field:

Life Coaching, CoachingYou® Institute, Vienna

Relationship- Family- Sexual- Coaching, CoachingYou® Institute, Vienna

Practical training St. Elisabeth Stiftung, Vienna




Price list

1 coaching session
60 minutes

Coaching online 60 EUR

Coaching live     80 EUR

Go-Coaching      80 EUR

10 sessions

Coaching online 500 EUR

Coaching live     650 EUR

Go-Coaching      650 EUR

Price for business – based on agreement

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